12 February 2011

Things of Interest

Valentine's Day. It's almost upon us. It's also, apparently, overwhelmingly imported from Columbia

The American Dream used to include owning one's house; in the increasingly global economy, is that realistic anymore

I find myself in this loop more than I would like. 

"Consider this a warning to new mothers: Fourteen years ago, I 'opted out' to focus on my family. Now I'm broke"

I wonder what they are planning on doing with all those soul-less Kindles? Resell them on Amazon? 

04 February 2011

Etsy: Valentine's Day Cards

I'm unsure where January went, but here's February with Valentine's Day bearing down on us. I love Valentine's Day if only for the cards. I, in general, adore stationary so any holiday that encourages the use of such stuff makes me ridiculously happy. I spent a ton of time wandering through etsy, so I present some of my favorite Valentine's-inspired cards. 

I love Krank Press and this delightfully simple card is bright and cheery and I all sorts of want it. 

Smock Paper is new to me, but I love their sophisticated, retro designs. The color combo on this card sold me. 

Blackbird Letterpress was a lovely surprise when I visited Baton Rouge this last fall. Their series of die cuts are adorable and this bee is a perfect holder for a love note. 

I am such a huge fan of PaperMichelle and her style. It is bright and whimsical and I love this cuckoo clock card. It makes my toes tingle. 

Parasol Press was another find when I went to the Renegrade Craft Fair this December. I'm totally digging the retro look of this card (available through their main website, but I'm sure coming to their etsy store soon...) 

I bought a few of these... It's always good to have a few back-ups. 

01 February 2011

And the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down...

It's raining here rather than snowing, covering everything is a layer of ice. The day has been spent inside, emailing in fellowship applications and following the city as it shut down on Twitter. By one this afternoon, the majority of the city and businesses therein where shuttered for the day. It's been raining steadily since two this afternoon; I'm not hopeful for much of anything tomorrow, which would be just fine by me. I would love a day to catch up on it all. 

The freezing rain does make for some beautiful pictures, though.