24 December 2013

A Merry Little Christmas

There's no time like Christmas Eve to break the silence of one's blog. Right?


So it's Christmas Eve and I'm a week into my multi-state holiday tour 2013, sitting at my stepdad's dining room table, listening to my little brothers play with my dog while Craig catches up on whatever it is he catches up on when his laptop is open.

And I could not be more grateful. After a hellish semester, I'm glad to be still for a moment. Don't get me wrong: there are things to be done. Articles that need polishing, knitted gifts that need to be finished, little brothers who need to be hugged within an inch of their life.

But, for now, sitting.

And watching It's a Wonderful Life. 

Yes. That too.

Here's hoping your life is wonderful, not just today and tomorrow, but all the days afterward.