10 November 2013

Christmastime is (Almost) Here

Even more telling than the slow but sure unpacking of holiday goods at my local stores, the arrival of the John Lewis Christmas advert has arrived. My English friend Eve turned me onto them a few years back. Apparently, they are quite the cultural zeitgeist across the pond. Take a gander above and find out why for yourself.

BONUS! Christmas adverts from previous years. I will own the fact that my favorite is last year's ad, The Journey. 

05 November 2013

Fiber Goodness

Phyllis is currently at the vet, fulfilling a prophecy spoken by Bob Barker, meaning I have been home all day grading and working on work-like things with very cold toes. She usually sleeps on my feet during the day.

Regardless, some fiber goodness while I wait for the vet to call and let me know when I can pick up my slightly drugged pup:


This yarn right here? Heavenly. It's Deadliest Poison in Vortex by The Wool Dispensary. Nothing deadly about it except that I might want to just roll around in it for days, which seems like it could be a choking hazard. Hm. Two skeins recently came into my life - ordered at the Strange Folk Festival earlier this fall - and I've almost got one skein down as they will become a Honey cowl


Cowls, I believe, are going to be my go-to gift this year, though the majority will be made of this stuff: Quince and Co.'s Puffin. Excellent colors and, on size fifteen needles, projects just fly. 

And there is the vet. Off to get my girl. 

01 November 2013

Welcome, November

It's been a while. There's a whole host of reasons for that, some of them personal, some professional. In short: I am welcoming November with open arms. September and October were not as kind to me as they could have been.

Moving on:

A book I worked on with several colleagues got a rave review in the Teachers College Review. Unfortunately, the review is behind a paywall, but it's exciting.

If you have not read The Fault in Our Stars, you should. I don't know why I resisted for so long.

Also: Phyllis did dress up for the holiday, though we basically sat at home, watching Being Human while I graded. It does turn her into a bit of a drunk. See video evidence above.

So, yeah. November. You will be better. Definitely better.