07 November 2011

Some Days

Sylvie's Baby Sweater

Some days are just Ride a Bummer days. Some weekends are Bummer Road Trip weekends. Sometimes you just got to ride it out and the only thing that gets you through it is the thought that it can't be forever. Embroidering initials on a baby sweater, is helpful as well. 

It will not last forever. 

06 November 2011

It Will Be There

Granny In Progress

I took a day off. Okay, a few days off. I ignored dissertation work, did minimal work on a manuscript due in a week, and didn't clean my apartment. 

Pile of Grannies

Instead, I sat on my couch, watched Doc Martin episodes, and worked with some yarn. Granny squares, mostly. There may have been some Florence + the Machine involved as well.  

The Stack

And I will get back to it tomorrow.