11 July 2012

Lasts: A List

* Dinner with my amazing students. They will be amazing teachers and I am so proud to have been a part of their education.

* Meeting with my diss committee before the defense. Their guidance has been invaluable. My work is good because they have been honest and thoughtful in their feedback.

* Tutoring session with my tutoring kiddo. I've been with him for two years. I've already cried about this.

* Loaf of bread baked in my Columbus apartment. Crazy to think my next loaf will be elsewhere. I know this is a weird metric. Don't judge.

09 July 2012

Words I Wish I'd Written...

Today, I'm sending in a completed draft of my dissertation, which means my actual defense is a little under a month away. Insane.

So: to celebrate the hundreds of pages of jumbled words I just sent out, some lovely ones I recently read:

"There's an intimacy in listening to somebody's lies, I've always thought-- you learn more about someone from the things they wish were true than from the things that actually really are."

(p.26, from the beautiful A Partial History of Lost Causes by Jennifer Dubois. If you are in the search of a phenomenal read, here it is.)

06 July 2012

I lived amongst giants


A friend and I spent the morning of the Fourth wandering around the town I currently live in, actually looking at the architecture that exists here. Even though I've lived here for a year, I'd never actually taken the time to really look at the buildings I lived amongst and am unsure I will ever again live amongst such a high density of mid-century architecture again. 

I'd share more pics, but due to the craposity that is Yahoo, I'm unable to access my Flickr account on my laptop. I'm half tempted to drag my iMac to the Starbucks so I can edit photos. Anyway, more of that morning at some point. 

Also: a full draft of my dissertation will be sent into my committee on Monday. Not THE final copy, but close. Crazy. This is happening. Insane.

Happy weekend! 

From YouTube: 

05 July 2012



I can't help but find this hilarious. I doubt their methodology.

03 July 2012

July 4th Eve

There's nothing more American than watching the symphony on a 90-degree night. Every moment I thought about complaining, I remembered the peeps in costume, all wool and discomfort. Plus, I was with pretty amazing people. The high temperatures really don't seem all that horrible when in good company.

Also: living without Internet at home is slowly killing me. Slowly. Killing. Me. 

Also: it highlights how spoiled I am. Really.