06 July 2012

I lived amongst giants


A friend and I spent the morning of the Fourth wandering around the town I currently live in, actually looking at the architecture that exists here. Even though I've lived here for a year, I'd never actually taken the time to really look at the buildings I lived amongst and am unsure I will ever again live amongst such a high density of mid-century architecture again. 

I'd share more pics, but due to the craposity that is Yahoo, I'm unable to access my Flickr account on my laptop. I'm half tempted to drag my iMac to the Starbucks so I can edit photos. Anyway, more of that morning at some point. 

Also: a full draft of my dissertation will be sent into my committee on Monday. Not THE final copy, but close. Crazy. This is happening. Insane.

Happy weekend! 

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