26 February 2013

Scenes from a Weekend

February, where have you gone and why aren't more things ticked off my To Do list?

One of the besties was here this weekend. So good to see her. Played tourist, which is always a fun time. We wandered through the Old St. Louis Courthouse, where the Dred Scott case was tried. Beautiful museum, gorgeous building, and, all in all, a good time.




Also: new glasses. Cause I'm old.* 

* I was very cocky when the eye exam began. "My prescription hasn't changed in a decade." And now I'm being punished. But punished in stylish (maybe?) Nike frames.  

12 February 2013

Attempts at Being Efficient

I was really stringent last semester in terms of making sure I was in my office for at least a few hours each day, more to be seen in the department than anything. Great strategy for visibility but not so efficient when it comes down to getting actual work done. I've cut back, working from home whenever I can. On my work at home days, I keep the coffee pot active and spread my day's work over my dining room table. I've been at this for three weeks now and I'm actually pretty impressed with what I'm able to get done, though it never seems enough.

I need to remember to take a walk on those days I'm home so today I took a quick jaunt across Tower Grove Park to mail off some packages, some of which may have been really really late holiday gifts. Valentine's Day's a holiday, right? Don't judge.

Tower Grove Park is one of those hidden treasures in the city. A hop, skip, and a jump (or about ten minutes walking) away from my apartment, it's the second largest park in the city, the first being Forest Park, home of the 1904 World's Fair, in the much trendier (and pricier) CWE neighborhood. While it doesn't have a Zoo or any of the grandeur of those remaining structures from the Fair, it's a really lovely walk, filled with joggers, people walking their animals, and some really amazing pavilions. Eleven, apparently, though I don't remember where that number came from, but it's in my head.

So: A lot of work, a bit of a walk, and back to work. It seems like it's a fairly good rhythm. Now if only I were able to locate about eight extra hours in the day. 

09 February 2013

Lists. Many of them.

Life Things 
I have joined the masses who have laundry in their apartments. A lot of debating, a lot of hand wringing, and a lot of intense duct work (love old apartments!) I now can wash and dry clothing whenever I want. I have named the washer Laverne and the dryer Shirley. Don't judge.

Conversation in the midst of the purchase between my grandmother and I: 
Me: It's so much money! Wanna vomit. *Rocking back and forth, mobile clutched to my ear.*
Gram: Wait, are you emptying your bank account for these things? What are you buying, a gold-plated washer and diamond encrusted dryer?
Me: No, just regular-type. White. Expensive enough. Ugh. *vomity sounds here*
Gram: Let me get this correct: You're complaining about buying a washer and dryer that will not only allow you more flexibility in your scheduling and won't empty out your bank account?
Me: Yeah?
Gram: What a privileged little rainbow saltine cracker we are.
Me: GRAM! 
Gram: Hey, I can be logical and political sometimes.

I've hit that part of moving to a new city in which loneliness has begun to fester. I don't like it. Thankfully, friends are parading through my life throughout the month: last weekend, Sarah and fam were here; I'm in Columbus, OH next weekend for a conference and will slumber party it up with Jules; and Anne of the HoW is arriving the following weekend for Book of Mormon, STL goodness, and a little bit of work time. Goals for March: find knitters, learn to make cheese, join a gym. 

I've been seriously considering a pooch. My Wednesdays, however, kill any hope this semester. My days begin at 8:00am and end at 10:00pm. This summer, perhaps?

Also: pic of me and a really cute kiddo. Cause cute kiddos are cute. 
Love this Kid

Work Things
I flipped my early childhood literacy class this semester and am loving it, though it's taking a lot of time to actually create what I need to in order for the model to work. I think it's going to be a solid model going forward. 

I wrote a new course. Two of them, actually. And they both were approved. And they're going to kick ass. I'm a bit proud, not going to lie. 

Work is stressful, but this isn't anything new. I did just get proofs for a book I'm in, though. Awesomesauce. 

Things I Like
Anything by Neal Shusterman at the moment. If you haven't had the chance to read Unwind, I highly recommend it. Also: The Schwa Was Here is a bit of genius. 

I love Hillary and will miss her. Primarily because she does stuff like this. 2016, yes? 

Also: Libraries are awesome. I'm a bit smitten with mine, not going to lie.

And now: More work. YES.(?)