03 August 2009

The Big Move

I always find packing to be strange: all the things of one's life neatly put away in boxes and checked against some master list, totally betraying the chaotic and insane everyday reality. However, for just a moment, my life looks really neat and tidy in the back of this truck.
Until it explodes all over my new space. In my defense, I managed to move the contents of an entire apartment - kitchenwares, furniture, and all - into this room. Well, almost all. I had to put the couch in the kitchen. It was an impossibility it would fit in this space without ripping a hole in both space and time.
There are some lovely things about moving into a new house: the smell of newly painted walls, sparkling new appliances, and the knowledge that you are the first in the memory of this home to wash dishes in the sink or do laundry in the bathroom. These are beautiful things. Some of the less attractive things about moving into a new house: the lack of carpeting on move-in day. Due to the rain we'd been having, the carpet layers hadn't been able to complete their task. Thankfully, the bedrooms were complete but the living room and stairs were still bare. Move in day was a dance, both the carpet layers and the moving crew shuffling around each other.
But look at the light. It streams into every window of this house. Just lovely. I want to scoop it up in a mug and drink it with my morning coffee. My favorite part: the orange door. I live in a house with an orange door. It's going to be a good year.

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