06 September 2009

The 365 Project

Back in July I ordered a new camera, a shiny SLR that I could play around with and use to teach myself more about photography. I've been taking pictures like a mad man, documenting everything and everyone. It's a little obnoxious, really, but I can't help but feel like it is forcing me to really think about how I'm taking pictures.

With the camera comes a new obsession with photographs themselves, which fed into a whole new obsession with Flickr. I started uploading photos for Ravelry, then began wandering around and found Project 365. Documenting an entire year in photographs, one a day, seemed like an ideal project to give myself opportunities to learn how to use my camera. I decided to begin the project this past week, coinciding with the first week of school. Perhaps not the best move on my behalf, but I've survived.

Trying to think through the 365 Project, however, has made me into a bad blogger (is anyone reading this thing anyway?) so I figured I would through up my week's worth of pictures. My week, in pictures:







7:365; Yarn Fun, it's all in the planning

Week one done. Onto week two. And perhaps carving out a little bit more blog time.

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