31 October 2011

The Halloween That Almost Wasn't

It's Halloween. Crap. When did that happen? One of my favorite Halloween specials ever - 1979's The Halloween That Almost Wasn't. It would be on the Disney Channel when I was a kid and it brought together everything I loved: Dracula, Halloween, comedy. I watched this EVERY chance I had. Decades later, in the midst of my own Halloween-that-almost-wasn't, I still can't help but find it entertaining. Best line: "It's one of those days I wish I was dead. And stayed dead." Enjoy. 


And my orchid? According to Brooklyn Orchids, it appears I have quite a few roots, but I don't see any flower spikes. This is unfortunate, but means I've been taking decent care of the plant. 

And now: grading. Happy Halloween! 

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