18 February 2012


This is a pretty accurate representation of my week: I've spent an inordinate amount of time in front of my computer, working on a dissertation chapter, and have been sneaking in a bit of knitting in the down times. Entrelac is perfect for this: eight stitches at a time, one small section at a time. So easy to pick up and put back down. There has been a lot of this type of activity over the course of the week. 

Also: saddle shoes. I'm all about them. 

The unfortunate part about the insane work week is my total exhaustion right now. I'm written out, despite stringing these words together here, and find that I've neglected a pile of grading. That is what the rest of the day needs to be: getting caught up because tomorrow? Tomorrow, there is a dissertation chapter to finish putting together. 

Oh, and a presentation. Presentation next weekend in Tuscaloosa. Hm. Tuscaloosa. 

Also: I'm enjoying these portraits on the stairs. More than I would like to admit. 


  1. Love it... I wish my portrait for the week included a bit more knitting. Also, what is the yarn for the scarf? It's beautiful!

    1. Thanks! It's Plymouth Boku. It's a little splitty, but this is the second entrelac scarf I've knit with the yarn and I can't really complain. The colors aren't as nuanced as Noro, but the price is so much better.

  2. Oooh, this making me want to do some entrelac so badly! *adds to list*