09 January 2013

It's been a long two and a half weeks. I've been home, to the aunt and uncle's, to one of my best friends in the world's, to Washington, D.C., and home again. Jiggity jig, or something like that. 

I am so fortunate to have so many people who are willing to put up with me (and even encourage my presence!) over the break, but if I am to be honest, I am exhausted. But a good kind of exhausted. The kind of exhausted that comes from little brothers who insist on being complete tornadoes while they sleep and on sharing the bed. The kind that is fostered by late night games of cards or gatherings of good friends, old and new, into the wee hours of night. It's a good kind of exhausted: I need to remind myself of this often as I attempt to regain some rhythm. 

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