28 December 2008

How lovely it has been to lounge about! I'm unsure I've ever had such a semester as this past fall semester and am more than thrilled for it to officially be over. My break, thus far, has consisted of much visiting, even more laughing, and more eating than should be allowed. And there's knitting. Always with the knitting.

I'm still knitting holiday presents, actually. My friend Joanna and I have a holiday tradition: we don't celebrate until February. This is usually because she is working on something lovely and homemade while I shopped around for the perfect book for her. This year, it's because she's having a baby and I'm knitting. Her scarf, an entrelac pattern done in Boku yarn, is a bit more along than the picture, taken before finals week when I still had spare moments to knit, and is turning out really nicely. Entrelac knitting is really great for those yarns that self stripe, like Boky and its more expensive cousin Noro, and is a great pick-up, put-down project. For this particular pattern, you're only working eight stitches at a time, making it easy to work on it for fifteen or so minutes, put it down, and return to it later marveling at how much progress you've made. It took me a little bit to figure out how the actual knitting works but find myself zooming through it now. I did happen upon a tutoral on entrelac knitting, in case you're curious.

This is the last of the holiday presents, thankfully. The majority of my knitted tidings have been passed out to happy (and hopefully warm) friends and family. I can, perhaps, begin working on a project or two for myself. Up for my 2009 knitting: the Lizard Ridge blanket and a new pair of mittens.

Now, however, it is time for me to go to bed.

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