13 December 2009

The Party Before the Storm

What a weekend! I alluded to the lovely party and how lovely it was. The roomies and I hosted the House of Whelmed's Ho-ho-ho Homemade Holiday Hoedown on Friday night. Despite the looming finals scheduled for the coming week, some of our nearest and dearest spent an evening eating way too much sugar, partaking in a variety of festive beverages, and just enjoying the company.

What strikes me after every single gathering we've hosting this year is how fortunate I have been to find really great people to surround myself with. I am continually blown away by the caliber of friends I have found in graduate school; quite honestly, when I moved from Michigan, I was unsure I was ever going to find such good people again. Luckily, I was wrong.

You know people are good when they're willing to play inane party games, like cotton ball race. There was some cheating, lots of laughter, and I won my match. What more can be asked for?

Despite all of the things I should have been doing, I am so glad we threw this party. It was worth it to see Maria decorate cookies, watch inappropriate Seasame Street clips with John, and engage in verbal shenanigans with Joe. There will always be papers to be written.

To top it off, my bestie from Michigan, Candice, came for the weekend. She drove six hours for our party and we spent the rest of the weekend wandering through town, eating at various local establishments, and watching Harry Potter. I'm still angry about the changes they made to the ending.

Despite Candice's leaving this afternoon, I can't help but feel insanely fortunate. I read and write and teach for a living, am surrounded by interesting and creative people, and am in control of my time. I know I sometimes grouse but, dang, my life is good.

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