07 December 2009

Vintage Zippers

I am nowhere near a competent sewer. I'm closer to competent than I was this this summer, but I know I have a lot still to learn. I've managed to sew up a few presents for the holiday and have even sewn up some projects for myself as well. The only way to become competent is to keep at it. So I sew. Tote bags with exposed seams. Quilts whose lines don't match up. Pajama pants that are funky in the crotch.

And I amass. I've a bin filled with fabric, which seems to be as addictive as collecting yarn. I've several spools of colorful thread and an assortment of needles for my borrowed machine. I've bought notions from flea markets and have fallen in love with zippers. I found these zippers a few months ago and have marveled at their packaging ever since. There's something cheerful about these items, the care with which they were packaged. I also find it entertaining that I paid a nickel over what they retailed for back in 1949 - fifty cents. To think they have been lying in wait all those years for someone to use them! I am tempted to leave them in their packaging simply to enjoy their aesthetic but will resist. These items were made to be used, have been waiting all this time to be used. And use them I will; I hope they will forgive me my uneven stitching.

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