13 April 2010

Herman Miller Goodness

I'm trying to zip through the week, which is a tricky proposition. I try to live in the moment, to expand my hours as much as possible, but with a trip back to Michigan in the plans for the weekend, I want Thursday afternoon to be here NOW. I haven't seen my best friend Candice since Christmas and we are planning a weekend of lounging, sight-seeing, and general tomfoolery.

I'm overly excited about heading to the Henry Ford, literally just a hop, skip and a jump away from Candice's house to see the Good Design: Stories from Herman Miller exhibit. I'm a sucker for HM, a Michigan company whose plastic-molded chairs and futuristic office furniture are celebrated for their mid-century aesthetic. I will, one day, own a circular oak table surrounded by white plastic-molded chairs with Eiffel bases. It's a goal.

As I researched the exhibit in an attempt to plan out our weekend, I came across The Print Gallery, another Michigan company with a unique Herman Miller connection. Since 1970, Herman Miller has been hosting a summer picnic for their employees and commemorating them with annual posters; The Print Gallery has been given permission to sell prints of these visual delights. They are so summery, so bright and cheery, yet still full of the aesthetic one would expect from Herman Miller.

All images: EverythingArt.com

These are some of my favorites and with decent pricing (from $45 for recent posters to $250 for limited editions), I think I'm making one of them my "congrats, you survived another semester" present to myself. Now if only I could finish writing all the papers that need to be turned in before that happens...

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