05 April 2010

April, I am so glad to see you.

My friend Mark and I used to email each other every Sunday with our three highs of the week, three lows of the week. I'm unsure when we fell out of the practice, but I think it might be an easy way to get myself back into the writing here as the four drafts I've been working on just aren't anywhere near publishable. So, without further fanfare: 


* Today, while teaching my undergrad class, we all sang "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" as part of a phonics activity. 21-year-olds singing this little ditty just makes all the planning worth it. 

* I ran into a good grad school friend I hadn't seen in a while at the grocery today - had a chance to catch up and make plans to get together for coffee later in the week. 

* This book is slowly but surely bringing me back to something resembling academic life. 


* Writer's block. I'm giving a keynote address at a small conference on Friday morning and am struggling. The last speaker was the Dean, the year before that was the Director of one of the programs at the school. I am simply a grad student - what can I possibly say? 

* It's the first humid day of Spring, which is giving me a massive headache and a premature desire to turn on the air condition. Will take two aspirin and wait it out. It's too early for the A/C. 

* I'm struggling with some big life decisions, which sucks. I mean, good because I have options, but the actual figuring out of those options sucks. Hardcore. Like a Dyson. 

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