22 March 2010


I was wrong. Spring hadn't arrived yet - I should know better than to declare it so. I can only declare Spring has truly arrived when I get my spring head cold. As of this morning, it has arrived. My head felt like the inside of a particle accelerator, which isn't that great of a feeling. Luckily, my undergrads worked on an Internet activity for our class time so I could do home, take massive amounts of cold medicine and rest. Not exactly how I wanted to spend the first day back from Spring Break. Hm.

A confession? I'm actually glad to be done with break. I'm much more productive when I have tons of things going on - the unstructured nature of breaks doesn't work well with me. I get lots of things done, mind you, just nothing official. Ugh.

Also: chocolate peppermint cupcakes and mocha frosting? Awesome.

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