20 March 2010


(Image from Bauer)

I bought my first pieces of Fiestaware about eight years ago - two juniper place settings that were heavily marked down at Younkers. I was in undergrad at the time and 75% off was the only way I was going to be able to afford the stuff. In the space between those first place settings and now, I've managed to amass a decent-sized collection - snapping up vintage pieces at flea markets and new pieces when they are appropriately on sale. Honestly, though, my passion for the Fiesta has wavered a bit - they've moved away from the more vintage-inspired color palette that drew me to it in the first place and into a rainbow of primary colors. Don't get me wrong: they are beautiful, but not what I love. I still love the Turquoise (please never go out of production!) and miss persimmon and their soft butter yellow like whoa. 
(Image from Bauer)

Then I stumbled on Bauer Pottery, out of LA. I won a lot of various pottery on eBay and there were some Bauer pieces - beautiful colors and just lovely pieces of pottery. A quick Google search revealed they are still making pieces, still in a beautiful array of vintage colors. LOVE. IT. Not that I'm going to throw all my Fiesta into the eBay ether, but golly do I love this stuff. Particularly: the cake stand in aqua makes my knees a little shaky and this cookie jar in orange needs to be in my life. Someday, friends. Someday.

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