10 March 2010

And Just Like That

I was walking to the School of Education this morning and stopped immediately in my tracks when I saw these small crocuses (croci? - what is the plural?) peeking out at me. How had I missed the arrival of Spring? 

Still generally engrossed in busy-ness, although I'm trying to be more thoughtful in the projects I take on. I announced on my Facebook a few days ago that I wouldn't be taking on any additional projects this month unless it added a line to my CV. I hate how harsh it sounds, as though I'm only doing things for the recognition they bring me. Rather, I suffer from a horrible case of Yes Mouth, where I immediately say yes to whatever is asked. Need a quilt block for a caring quilt? Sure! A PDF of that chapter you're too busy to copy and convert yourself? Alrighty! A guest lecture in your class about subject matter you're uncomfortable with? See you on Wednesday! 

Ah, the Yes Mouth. It's gotten me into a lot of trouble and by trouble I mean extra work that gets me no closer to my qualifying exams or data collection. See? Even typing that makes me feel shallow but can't help but feel that I need to begin being a little more selfish with my time if I'm going to get out of here by the end of next year. I need to start saying no. So I began asking myself the CV question before any given request and I can't say that I'm unhappy... I've been reading and writing more and have been slightly less stressed. 

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