06 March 2010

Um. So, yeah.

Wow. It's been a while. 

Life is oh-so-daily at the moment, with a ridiculous amount of things to be done. I'm at a point of convergence where all the planning for the future and all the previous work collide. It's a messy space to be in, requiring many, many signatures, but it's a good space to be in. My program of studies is in the process of being signed and I'm spending a good portion of the day drafting possible qualifying exam questions. I'm within months of not only being done with classes but with changing my description of self from doctoral student to doctoral candidate. This is assuming, of course, that I pass my qualifying exams and my program of studies isn't rejected. 

I have no reason to believe it will be. I feel like I've done good work over the past three years. There is still so much more to be figured out but I'm in a good position to think through these next steps. 

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