11 May 2010


I taught today.

My children's literature class started this morning. At nine o'clock in the morning, seven undergrads and I began talking and thinking about children's literature and will do so for the next three weeks. It's the first new class I've taught since my first year and, risking sounding like a geek, I find the search for readings and experiences exhilarating. But exhausting.

Add to this class working at a local school as reading support. Three afternoons a week, I get to go hang out and first graders and figure out the mysteries of learning to read. I've missed teaching, actually working with a kiddo and figuring out what will work for them. Yes, it's frustrating and chaotic and messy, but golly do I miss it.

Today I got to teach twenty-one-year olds about the Puritan tradition of children's literature and six-year olds about the multiple sounds C makes. I am exhausted but I taught my ass off and it felt freaking amazing.

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