07 May 2010

Grad School = Running

The House of Whelmed has been abuzz today in anticipation of this afternoon's graduation. Hair was curled, make-up was applied, those fancy doctoral robes were ironed. It was quite a production, really; a flurry of activity for a quick mention of one's name and a walk across the stage. Anne commented this morning that this was probably the first time she has walked throughout her entire doctoral program. Not walk in a physical way, but walk as in taking a moment to really exist in the moment without having to worry about what project was next, what papers needed to submitted to what journals, where those articles were. We have all been running through our programs, filling our summer schedules with classes, our spare moments with transcribing, even our sleeping hours are occupied with dreams of coding and theory. Yet I'm unsure that I would have it any other way: yes, there are moments of exhaustion, of physical pain, but there are moments where the simple joy of the metaphorical run are breathtaking.

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