03 June 2011

Quote Possibly

New digs?

This could, quite possibly, be my new living space. 

Things I love about it: 
  • Convenient location to work. 
  • It's super spacious! 
  • Those windows! The light!
  • It's in an old school building - uber-cool factor!
  • I can paint. Not that I would. But I have the option. 
  • Close to a park and nestled in a really cute neighborhood. 
  • Relatively inexpensive. 
Things I'm not-so-in-love with: 
  • The kitchen still retains its 1992 charm, complete with mauve countertops. 
  • The carpet. While it's not bad, I was hoping for hardwood floors. 
  • No laundry in unit. (These are such first-world problems.) 
I'll find out early next week whether it's mine or not. I'm honestly so in love with the light that comes into this space that I'm fortunate there are only three not-so-in-love withs. I would deal with a few more to get that sunlight. 

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