22 July 2011

Links, Hot Friday Edition

It has been deathly hot this week - then again, it's been deathly hot everywhere this week. I'm a bit stressed by the idea of July being so close to done. I've fallen short on my dissertation goals for the month, haven't canned a single thing, and those twenty pounds I lost? Oh, they are back. With a vengeance. So this week has been a week of prep: clearing out the items on my To Do list that are impeding on working on my dissertation, making lists of what is in season for the farmer's market this weekend, and locating a gym in my new town. 

And? Links. Things that have been in my browser that I've found completely fascinating. 

...or just kind of sad. Having lived in the Ann Arbor area while teaching, I'll miss Borders

Just when I thought I couldn't love Al Franken any more, he does this

This seems like a good plan, in conjunction with the exercise. 

Facebook's got nothing on Ravelry

Anne Lamott's reminding me to find time

And just so I don't misplace it: The Kerlan Collection at the University of Minnesota has an awesome portfolio collection re: The Giver

And now? Off too Bloomington for the day. 

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