30 June 2012

Exactly Where You Need To Be


Last night, around 11:00 at night, a firetruck appeared in the parking lot of my apartment building. I was working on the latest batch of edits from my diss committee and, upon realizing it was a firetruck, proceeded to pack up my iMac with such efficiency I imagine I would be an Olympic contender were it an event. 

The firetruck at the wrong address. 

This dissertation has done weird things to me.

In other news, Wrench appears to have been adopted! I stopped at the shelter yesterday and was informed he didn't last long, being snatched up by a little girl and her family as a birthday present. Happy birthday, indeed. 

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad that your instinct is to pack up your things and go, rather than to keep editing despite the apparent threat to life and limb! Hang in there...