19 June 2012


This is Wrench. 

I found him wandering through my apartment building yesterday, no collar, no identification. Thinking someone in my locked building would claim him, I poster fliers throughout the building but, sadly, here we sit thirty-six hours later. Wrench is in the kitchen, tossing a paper ball around. 

Tomorrow, he's heading to the no-kill animal shelter. I can't keep him; in between preparing for the move and my dissertation defense, I have no patience for a kitten and this is a kitten who deserves someone with patience, someone who won't threaten him with an oven roasting when they are writing against a deadline and all he wants to do is play. 

There is guilt about it, dropping him off like this, but that I've done my best to do right by this cat (I went door to door, with the meowing feline - finally met all the neighbors; there are bags of kitty litter and food beneath my sink - these are huge things for someone who is not a cat person) will have to be a salve. 

Ugh. Wrench indeed. 


  1. So cute - you are right to turn him over though. Someone may contact the shelter if they've lost him. This happened to a friend of mine who found a little chihuahua wearing a jacket and wandering around her neighborhood. Turned out he was microchipped and the owner of "Macho Man" claimed him at the shelter...

    1. I turned him in this morning; sadly, not microchipped, but hopefully someone will miss him and claim him.

  2. awwwwies! hopefully someone who has the time for ol' wrench will come scoop him up <3