11 September 2012

Intermission: Chicago, Cupcake Edition


I ran away for the weekend, seeking refuge at Anne's apartment in Chicago. Part escape from an unrelenting schedule, part desire to partake in the Renegade Craft Fair, it was a full weekend. Reminds me how much I miss that woman and how much I love the city of Chicago. 

Don't get me wrong, St. Louis: I love the ability to commute across you in less than twenty minutes, the resources you offer, and your amazing green space. I feel like you and I will be dating for a good long while. 

I left Renegade without purchase - though there were so many pretty things to be had - but Anne and I did stop at the Alliance Bakery, where I may have had the best chocolate-peanut butter cupcake in the world. 

So much goodness. 


I will write something of substance soon. Swearsies. 

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