17 January 2011

Crochet Crazy

And the crocheting continues. I pulled together a few colors at the yarn store a week ago and have been working on a square here and there while finishing holiday gifts. (Yes, still.) I will admit that I'm a bit addicted, even as I question whether that green (chartreuse, how could you go wrong?) belongs with the other colors. It will all come together, I guess. It's come together a bit more quickly thanks to the BBC shows on hulu - I'm finishing up the first series of Kingdom now and want to move to the English seaside. Now, please. 

I'm still not convinced that I will abandon all knitting for the crochet hook - doing so would fly in the face of my "both/and" attempts at navigating my own life, but there are a few bits of inspiration that tempt me: 

Attic24 is ridiculously amazing - and she lives in northern England! Her crochet tutorial for a granny stripe might make it into my list of things to make soon... The brilliant photography doesn't hurt either... 

Pinterest user marybethburrell has collected the most amazing images of crocheted items. They leave me a little antsy, not going to lie... Antsy in a good way, involving a hook and yarn... 

The Royal Sisters is also tempting me with this star granny... 

But first: the last episode in the first season of Kingdom. Then bed. I definitely will not start series 2 tonight... right? 

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