12 March 2011

Color Combinations

I'm still crocheting, although I did have a bit of a snaffu as I continued to work on the original project. After looking through a few You Tube clips, I came to the horrifying conclusion that I had been double crocheting incorrectly. Oh, the shame! So when I went to continue making those previous squares, I found I couldn't duplicate what I was doing previously. Seriously. I couldn't make the mistake on purpose. 

It's possibly a case of running before walking. I tend to do those things. Regardless, I've started making granny squares of a simpler sort, following this tutorial. I don't quite know what I will be doing with them, but it's an interesting exercise in combining colors and thinking through what I have in my stash. Selecting three colors and laying out the various ways they play together color-wise. It's definitely too much fun. 


  1. I just started crocheting again. I'm making this... Simple but fun. And an easy way to watch the colors interact with each other.

  2. That granny bunting has taunted me for a while now... I think I may have even added it to my Pinterest, but I always have too much to do in the craft portion of my Pinterest...