16 February 2010

Snow Day Goodies

The overnight snow managed to miss us, which is just as well. I have to head into the School of Ed in a few moments to put together a PPT, meet with students, and practice for this weekend's conference. It's Tuesday already - how do these things happen?

The downside to the snow day? I had baked for my students, homemade chocolate cupcakes and mocha buttercream from Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook. No class means no students which means I have twenty-six cupcakes sitting around. I've been wandering though the house, trying to avoid grabbing random cupcakes as I pass through the kitchen. Whether you love her or hate her (I love her, not going to lie), Martha knows good things and these cupcakes are no different.

Ridiculously moist, the frosting gives a great bite them. Truly a grown up's cupcake. If you have the Handbook, the frosting recipe is way too much for approximately 30 cupcakes. I probably could have halved it and been fine. If you don't have the Handbook, I found similar recipes on MarthaStewart.com: cupcakes here, frosting here. Definitely worth trying. 

Off to trudge in the snow. The cupcakes will be coming with me. Someone has class today and I'm sure their students will enjoy the sweet treats. Be warm, peeps. 

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