02 February 2010

Strange Happenings

When I met with the possibly new roomies last week, Anne, the current roomie, created the above in an attempt to more fully inform of the pros and cons of living with me. Apparently, I dance like a fabulooous dancing loon yet there is nothing about my ability to break out into thematic song at random...

Those, however, are not the strange happenings to which I refer. And now, the rest of the story:

While in my CMDA class last week, I received an email from a nonprofit in Chicago asking how my research report was coming along. It was too pragmatic an email, too eloquently worded to be spam and, using my Google skillz that killz, discovered that both the nonprofit and the person who wrote the email were authentic. I've been known to forget an occasional reading, granted, but never an entire research report, especially when it is a research report in an area outside of elementary literacy. I sent a borderline hilarious email back about mistaken identity and got a borderline hilarious email in return about coincidence. Lovely people, really, although I'm still unsure about how my email address found its way into their address books.

I was also asked to be a keynote speaker at a conference, which is both flattering and confounding. I'm so excited to be asked, especially since last year's speaker was the Dean of the School of Education, but, really, I'm just an associate instructor. Regardless, I need to come up with some inspiring words and soon.

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