17 January 2010

I Wish You Lived a Little Nearer

I happened upon this sampler as I meandered through a flea market yesterday, instantly thinking of my 30's and 40's sampler collecting Aunt. She seeks out brightly colored examples with quaint and uncommon phrases and this seemed to fit the bill. A phone call to describe condition and a few pictures later (I love technology), and she wanted it. A little negotiation later and I walked out of the market, the sampler securely under my arm.

It's sat in my bedroom overnight and, while I'm not particularly into samplers, I can't help but resonate with the message: "I wish you lived a little nearer / I wish you lived across the way / I wish you lived right here / A thousand times a day." It's a little heart-breaking, if you think about it. Each stitch filled with longing for someone, a lover, child, parent; loneliness made physical.

It's not that I'm lonely at the moment, as I'm not. I do feel a heightened sense of distance, though. So many friends so far away and how I wish they lived a little nearer.

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