25 January 2010

Things I Love

Currently on my iPhone:

I happened across J. Tillman on one of the music blogs I read and haven't been able to stop listening. His Year in the Kingdom is beautiful - mellow and perfect for a rainy day. Indiana's had quite a few of those lately.

William Fitzsimmons has been one of those musicians I've heard of but had never actually heard until I was surfing around iTunes over the holidays and found his 2009 release, The Sparrow and the Crow. At once heart-breaking and filled with hope, this album reveals something new every time I listen to it. I will be looking out for more music from this man.

On the night stand:

I first read Flannery O'Connor in my undergrad, falling totally in love with the darkness that was Good Country People. It was brilliant and just delicious. I've gone on to read a wide variety of her work and Gooch's biography is lovely. Delightful reading if you're into biographies, particularly of the writer sort.

On the T.V.:

I'm kind of addicted to ABC's Modern Family. Insightful, hilarious, and definitely worth watching.

Is it bad that I still haven't watched a single episode of Lost? And let's not talk about Doctor Who. I can't force myself to watch The End of Time, Part Two. Just can't. Not yet.

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