09 January 2010

Kind of Snowed In

The roomies and I ran to the mall last night as a precursor to our nightly movie fest. Upon arriving back home, Debbie plunked herself down into the snow and began to furiously make a snow angel. Eventually, the camera was found and we all threw ourselves into the snow, the many inches of fluff that's been falling the past four days. This is just one of the reasons I love my roomies. They do things like make snow angels and allow me to photograph it.

Despite the impending beginning of the semester, I've gotten a decent amount of making done. My syllabus is off and copied, I'm uploading material to my course site as I write this, and I've got thirteen nine-square quilt blocks sitting on the shelf in my closet, waiting for the additional charm packs I've ordered to arrive. I'm trying to maintain a mindset about making and creating that uses the supplies I have on hand and have had two charm packs of Moda's Hello Betty sitting around since the summer. Thursday was a perfect day to sit in front of the sewing machine and practice patient, accurate sewing. It's not perfect, definitely not the kind of work Adam would do, but it's better. I'm getting better. It's about process.

Yesterday was the first day I ventured out of the house into the tipped snow globe that is Bloomington. I knew I had to leave the house eventually as my clementine supply was dwindling. I do love my clementines this time of year, a little bit of summer in the midst of the snow.

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